Tuesday, December 4, 2012

excerpts from my OkCupid profile

My self-summary
thum kiz cll mu tele cuz im on dat fone ll night also readin buks writin poetry learnin to rite reel gud n impres my professyurs lso obsessed w/film & Heidegger & fashion

I’m really good at
cllin diallin howlin runnin hurtin slppin fkun french continental philosophy

The first things people usually notice about me
im hot like tammalis never tell a lie i say only the truth ima real ** now put up them duke u cant touch this im so high up but when i come down you best belive its gonna be me and you in dat ring.hahhahha now hear im rappin not just bc im a girl no im rappin for these wannabeas who aint got crap on me now listen hear kids class is in session like a steriotipe im mickael jaskon back for the dead so spread u cant reach my level i might be a girl but u best believe im the realist ** you will ever meat.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
chps DRE pzza rt chckn wshin b trppn fk snoop nt lion cello hmmr C. ox XX Ben UFO buks: jhn grisham rymund crver mobe dck ctcher nda ry kofka the iliad the odyssey movees: apokalisp now dyz of hvn davud linch cop dog

You should message me if
ulikwut u c cz int lyn