Tuesday, August 13, 2013

does anyone take this 'metamodernist' poetry seriously at all?

(e.g. http://www.inknode.com/piece/1881-seth-abramson-from-em-the-metamodernist-em / http://www.brooklynrail.org/2013/07/poetry/seth-abramson ) 

I'm suspicious that we've even begun to go beyond modernism--labels like "metamodernism" function as brands that let us know that the poetry is both 'new' and 'sincere' and devoid of irony, a kind of "romantic pragmatism" (whatever that means). They propose a movement "unhindered by ideological anchorage," but the proposal already functions as ideological anchorage itself--otherwise, why have a manifesto at all?

David Foster Wallace was wrong: irony is not simply a postmodern posture but rather an intrinsic part of the way in which we read every text. Modernism was not simply a movement that occurred (and which we now need to get over), but is a part of the way in which normal people function in everyday life: we go to the grocery store, we drive cars, we go back and sleep in our homes, etc.

While things like the radio, television, internet, cheaper travel, cheaper homes, "democracy," certainly make this more complicated, enough so that we might feel the need to use the word "postmodern" to describe some of these particular cultural problems or problems within modernism, I think it's a mistake to just describe it as a linear succession of movements--in a way that just falls back into the modernist agenda with its assumptions about the "progression" of art and culture. I guess don't really have any strong feelings for or against the poetry but I find myself suspicious and confused about the label.

Friday, August 2, 2013

23 People Who Will Make You Care About Poetry in 2013

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

13 ways of looking at x






x ÷ 4


x + 9


x = x




                                                        rejected by DIAGRAM on 5/15/13

Saturday, May 18, 2013

from moon eclipse exorcism

        who kills the moon? crow
        who often kills the moon? eagle
        who usually kills the moon? chicken hawk
        who also kills the moon? owl
        in their numbers they assemble
        for moonkilling

      after Leo J. Trachtenberg, Alsea Texts and Myths

Sunday, February 10, 2013

wikipedia notes

Neothela is a genus of moth in the family Geometridae.

Grand Imperial is an album by Aceyalone, released in 2006.

David Bek may refer to:
•           David Bek (died 1728), Armenian military commander
•           David Bek, a novel by Armenian writer Raffi
•           David Bek (film), a 1944 Armenian film about David Bek
•           David Bek, a town in Syunik Province of Armenia

6489 Golevka is an Apollo, Mars-crosser and Alinda asteroid, discovered in 1991 by Eleanor F. Helin.

A steel dam is a type of dam (a structure to impound or retard the flow of water) that is made of steel, rather than the more common masonry, earthworks, concrete or timber construction materials.


Lord Derby's scaly-tailed squirrel is nocturnal, and will sleep in nests in holes in trees. They live either alone or in pairs. They move around by extending their membrane and gliding from tree to tree.

Olinia is a genus of small trees and shrubs with ten species, the sole genus in family Oliniaceae.

A nunatak (from Inuit nunataq) is an exposed, often rocky element of a ridge, mountain, or peak not covered with ice or snow within (or at the edge of) an ice field or glacier.


The pears are boiled and then pressed to obtain juice. The liquid is then heated for six to seven hours.


There is a Post office and general store in the village as well as a church and a chapel.

Love is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment.

The word "love" can have a variety of related but distinct meanings in different contexts.

Although the nature or essence of love is a subject of frequent debate, different aspects of the word can be clarified by determining what isn't love.

A person can be said to love an object, principle, or goal if they value it greatly and are deeply committed to it.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

“Do you think clarity, in poetry, is a thing to be worked toward?”

I don’t think of clarity as an ideal. It’s just one face, very often very superficial. But declaration seems like a miracle. Why be so equivocal like everything else? The style of the times is equivocal, so the best poets seem like raving solipsists. Anyhow, poetry starts with a clarity flash — lines that open up a space, even if by themselves they don’t look so clear. Most poems I like are clear all the way, or are mostly forthright.

Bill Berkson @Jacket2

Friday, January 11, 2013

The House Is Black - خانه سیاه است


The House is Black is a 1962 documentary short film by Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad. It is based on the Behkadeh Raji leper colony. It is her only film.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not taken the road

what follows is Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" mixed and jumbled through Google Translate
There are two different ways of wooden yellow
Sorry I could not travel both and
And traveler's mind may be, when I was
And until I saw
But while the trend in the undergrowth;

Other similar to
And probably are better
Because they wanted to put on grass
But what I saw of
Such a problem was

And so this morning as static
No step had trodden black ball.
Oh, the day the first mark?
However, knowing how to build
If in doubt until now.

Sigh Typing
There is enough for eternity,
There are two ways to separate wood, and I
I took the one less how
And all the momentum.

Monday, January 7, 2013

class notes on Simic’s camera angles

Time of Day Subject Object

Object/device used in action
Where the object is placed
And on whom!

Time of the year. Time of the day.
Third person on subject’s face
Zoom in on bundled face
Subject does something normal in a surreal way.

The object must have come from _____.
Third person on subject 2,
Third person expects to be serious, pale,
With a closely related object in his pocket.


Toward Time of Day

The physical property of abstract idea
in a physical location held where,
analogy as abstraction
in the national/ethnic sense
was thought ___________
_______ in reference to present.

Detail scaffolds, [cut]
Detail 2, [cut]
People on Detail 2, [cut]
Analogy to animals
Light on animals
Crossing road.


The Big Childish and Serious

We lighthearted verb during serious topic,
Proper name. Object played with is in big demand.
The kind of object made from ______.
The other kind of object is used for serious purpose.

You never action-perceiving as beautiful
As those first object word for multiples! I used to
For duration gerund-perception at area of object,
Object stares back at me in amazement.

How cold the object feels
way object stands
zoom back monster I
see I’s face and mustache.

Object breaks, or I break object.
There is a substance in object area,
In area 2, but nothing in area 3.
Proper name, I checked [area].

Nothing in area 3…
Just area 2, a specific kind of area 2,
Holding zoom in on area in floor crack
In handicapped owner’s area floor.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Netflix review of "Film Socialisme"

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