Monday, January 7, 2013

class notes on Simic’s camera angles

Time of Day Subject Object

Object/device used in action
Where the object is placed
And on whom!

Time of the year. Time of the day.
Third person on subject’s face
Zoom in on bundled face
Subject does something normal in a surreal way.

The object must have come from _____.
Third person on subject 2,
Third person expects to be serious, pale,
With a closely related object in his pocket.


Toward Time of Day

The physical property of abstract idea
in a physical location held where,
analogy as abstraction
in the national/ethnic sense
was thought ___________
_______ in reference to present.

Detail scaffolds, [cut]
Detail 2, [cut]
People on Detail 2, [cut]
Analogy to animals
Light on animals
Crossing road.


The Big Childish and Serious

We lighthearted verb during serious topic,
Proper name. Object played with is in big demand.
The kind of object made from ______.
The other kind of object is used for serious purpose.

You never action-perceiving as beautiful
As those first object word for multiples! I used to
For duration gerund-perception at area of object,
Object stares back at me in amazement.

How cold the object feels
way object stands
zoom back monster I
see I’s face and mustache.

Object breaks, or I break object.
There is a substance in object area,
In area 2, but nothing in area 3.
Proper name, I checked [area].

Nothing in area 3…
Just area 2, a specific kind of area 2,
Holding zoom in on area in floor crack
In handicapped owner’s area floor.

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